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Dr. Reggie Fiel, D.C.

Dr. Fiel is a northern Michigan native from Boyne City. At just two days old his parents brought him in to the Beno Clinic for his first chiropractic adjustment and he remained a patient of Dr. Beno’s through childhood. As an active athlete, he was in and out of the office regularly, receiving treatments for injuries and general well-being.

“Growing up in northern Michigan, I spent my summers working for my brother’s landscaping business. I suffered from many back injuries and strains due to the strenuous work. Chiropractic treatments had alleviated so much of the physical stress on my body that I took an interest in the profession. As I started taking college courses with an emphasis on the medical field, I found that the Chiropractic sector of healthcare would be the best fit for me, professionally. I have dedicated my education and career to helping people maintain a healthy body as well as overcome pain, disability, and suffering without the use of drugs or surgery.”

After receiving an undergrad degree from Baker University, Dr. Fiel attended Logan University in Saint Louis, Missouri to study Chiropractic health. He completed his residency at Logan University Montgomery Health Center and then completed his preceptorship at the Beno Clinic Chiropractic Center, acquiring 860 hours of hands-on experience with Dr. James Beno. He then received his Bachelor’s degree of Applied Science and his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic, completing 4,800 hours of professional instruction.

Dr. Fiel lives in Boyne Falls with his fiancé, Sydney and their adored dog, Zoe. He enjoys fishing, golfing, and spending his weekends doing home improvement projects.